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Amino Acid Purity L-Leucine Powder

Amino Acid Purity L-Leucine Powder

Leucine is an essential amino acid, meaning that the human body cannot synthesize it, and it therefore must be ingested.

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-It is a type of  essential amino acids, meaning that our body cannot produce them in sufficient quantities, therefore we can obtain them from the foods we eat only.

-It is purely raw material without flavors, which is characterized by a specific taste and smell.

-It is special because it turns on the muscle growth process.

-Supply the body with energy when under stress and preserve lean muscle tissue.

-It has been shown to support muscle recovery and aide against fatigue, a real all-rounder in our eyes.

-It helps to keep nitrogen in balance, improve the thinking ability.

-Perfect for anyone wanting to help maintain their hard-earned muscles, and help them grow as nature intended.

-Packaging Details:25kg/barrel, with double plastic film bags inside.


AppearanceWhite crystalline powder or crystals
IdentificationAS per USP
Specific rotation(°)+14.9 - +17.3
Paticle size80 mesh
Bulk density(g/ml)About 0.35
State solutionColorless and transparent clarification
Chloride(%)0.05 Max
Sulfate(%)0.03 Max
Iron(%)0.003 Max
Arsenic(%)0.0001 Max
Loss on drying(%)0.2 Max
Residue on ignition(%)0.4 Max
pH5.0 - 7.0
Assay(%)98.5 - 101.5
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