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Animal Food Lysine Threonine

Animal Food Lysine Threonine

L-threonine is white crystals or crystalline powder; slightly sweet taste. Very soluble in formic acid, soluble in water; practically insoluble in ethanol and ether..

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Product Details

Animal Food Lysine Threonine

Product Description:

  • Cas No:72-19-5

  • It is an amino acid that cannot be synthesized by the animal itself but is badly needed. 

  • It can be used to accurately balance the amino acid composition of the feed, meet the growth and maintenance needs of the animal, improve the weight gain and lean meat rate, and reduce the feed meat ratio.

  • The nutritive value of feed raw materials with low digestibility of amino acids can be improved and the production performance of low energy feed can be improved.The crude protein level of feed can be reduced, the nitrogen utilization rate of feed can be increased, and the feed cost can be reduced.It can be used for raising and breeding pigs, chickens, ducks and advanced aquatic products.

  • The products meet the standard which is safe to use. 

  • It is convenient to move and transport.

  • And it can be stored as long as 24 months.

  • It is easy to maintain that it is just kept at the normal temperature in dry  and cool place.


AppearanceWhite to light brown, crystal powder
Assay(%)98.5 Min
Specific rotation(°)-26 ~ -29
Loss on drying(%)1.0 Max
Residue on ignition(%)0.5 Max
Heavy metals(ppm)20 Max
As(ppm)2 Max


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