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Fermented BCAA Granular Vegan Powder

Fermented BCAA Granular Vegan Powder

Golden Fortune Industry is one of leading professional BCAA supplier and manufacturer.we has already supply and export about 10 years. please be assured to buy BCAA at Golden Fortune. Any inquiry please feel free to send emails to us via we will reply you within 1 working day.

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Product Details


  • Bodybuilders, athletes, weekend warriors who weight train regularly, and endurance athletes who regularly compete in aerobic events such as running, cycling, or swimming will benefit from BCAA supplementation.

  • It can  take your training efforts to the next level by supporting endurance and recovery,closing to your performance goals.

  • It can help your active lifestyle to keep positive with a good mood and support a healthy immune system.

  • It helps meet the increased demand the body requires under times of stress,especially with an important examination or a major project.

  • Aside from playing an important role in protein synthesis, it will provide extra energy during heavy lifting, help spare muscle tissue, and fight mental brain drain as you battle through a workout.

  • Safe,doing no harm to the human body.

  • Store at room temperrature.


DescriptionWhite Powder
Identification(IR)Meet the requirements
Loss on Drying (%) 0.50
Heavy Metals( As Pb) (PPM)10
Lead Content (PPM)5

Arsenic(As) (PPM)

Residue on Ignition ( %)0.4
Total Plate Count 1000
Yeast and Moulds  100
E. ColiAbsent
Staphylococcus aureusAbsent
Particle size range 95% through 80 mesh
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