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Food And Pharmaceutical Grade L Tryptophan

Food And Pharmaceutical Grade L Tryptophan

L-tryptophan is an amino acid, a protein building block that can be found in many plant and animal proteins. L-tryptophan is called an “essential” amino acid because the body can’t make it. It must be acquired from food.

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Product Details


-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid important in human nutrition for the synthesis of melatonin and serotonin, hormones regulating sleep, positive mood and immune function.

-White or brown crystalline powder which is food grade.

-It is used for the treatment of certain diseases to improve athletic performance and keep health,such as  insomnia, sleep apnea, depression, anxiety, facial pain, and smoking cessation.

-Packaging Inner: Two-layer clean, food grade plastic bag Outer: fiber drum or carton

-It's powerfully effective when used properly.

-It not only helps us fall asleep and stay asleep, but it also promotes mental health and provides dietary support against nervousness and tension.

-Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

-It conforms to the Standard of GB/T25735-2010.


DescriptionWhite crystals or crystalline powderConforms
PH 5.5~7.06.1
Loss on drying  ≤0.50%0.12%
Residue on lgnition ≤0.05%<0.09%
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