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Raw Material L Glutamine Powder

Raw Material L Glutamine Powder

Golden Fortune Industry is one of leading professional Glutamine supplier and manufacturer.we has already supply and export about 10 years. please be assured to buy Glutamine at Golden Fortune. Any inquiry please feel free to send emails to us via we will reply you within 1 working day.

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Product Details


  • L-Glutamine is a vital amino acid that has a wide spectrum of health benefits.

  • White crystals or crystalline powder.

  • As for the benefits of glutamine supplements, it  supports an optimal immune system, offers intestinal fortifying benefits, mental acuity, as well as improves muscle recovery and protein synthesis.  Studies have shown drastic improvement in physical performance and muscle recovery because intense training and bodybuilding workouts drastically deplete the body’s glutamine stores.  Use L Glutamine supplements for bodybuilding to restore and preserve muscle mass.

  • Completely flavorless and easily dissolvable,letting you enjoy it with any delicious drink, exactly the way you like it, pre or post workout.

  • Pure, clean, quality and laboratory tested amino acid.  

  • Naturally gluten free, vegetarian and vegan.

  • It is suitable for all kinds of athletes.


ItemsLimitsTest results
DescriptionWhite crystals or crystalline powderConforms
Identification(Infrared Absorption)Corresponding to Reference SpectrumConfirms
Specific rotation+6.3°~+7.3°+6.74°
Residue on Ignition≤0.1%0.06%
Loss on Drying≤0.3%0.04%
Chloride (Cl)≤0.05%<0.05%
Sulfate ( SO4)≤0.03%<0.03%
Heavy Metals≤15ppm<15ppm
Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/g<20cfu/g
Yeast and Molds≤100cfu/g<20cfu/g
E.ColiNegative in 10gConfirms
Staphylococcus AureusNegative in 10gConfirms
SalmonellaNegative in 10gConfirms
Organic volatile impuritiesMeet the requirementsMeet the requirements
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