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Threonine Feed Additive

Threonine Feed Additive

L-threonine is white crystals or crystalline powder; slightly sweet taste. Very soluble in formic acid, soluble in water; practically insoluble in ethanol and ether..

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Product Details

Description of Threonine Feed Additive:

-It is a white or light brown crystalline powder containing at least 98.5 % of the active agent. It is highly purified with a low content of dust and volatile substances.

-It is an essential amino acid that cannot be created by the animal, supports optimum protein synthesis, an indispensable part of the growth process of an animal.

- It is an efficient tool to reduce feed and production costs through higher feed conversion and higher body weight gain.

-It enhances the utilization of available amino acids for optimum body protein deposition and reduces the variation of threonine in feed

-It optimizes the utilization of protein sources, enabling reduced safety margins and reduced nitrogen excretion.

-It significantly improves gut health and the immune system, allowing efficient feed digestion.

-It also facilitates balancing the dietary amino acid profile, especially when the goal is an optimum ratio of lysine to threonine.

-With its good quality and multifunction, it is widely used to feed for piglets and poultry.

-Being kept in dry and cool place,it can be store for 24 months with the sealed packaging.

AppearanceWhite to light brown, crystal powder
Assay(%)98.5 Min
Specific rotation(°)-26 ~ -29
Loss on drying(%)1.0 Max
Residue on ignition(%)0.5 Max
Heavy metals(ppm)20 Max
As(ppm)2 Max


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