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Calcium Propionate

Calcium Propionate

Calcium Propionate is white crystalline powder; Odorless or with little propionate smell; Deliquescence; easily soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol. Melting point: 300ºC Water solubility: 1g/10ml

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Product Details

Calcium Propionate 99% content;cas no:4075-81-4; MOQ is 3-5mt

Product introduction:White Crystalline .it covered in Eu and American market.

Packaging Inner: 25kg bag or carton

Calcium Propionate is a new food additive is approved for use by the WHO and FAO secure food and feed preservatives. Calcium Propionate for mold, yeast and bacteria with a wide range of antibacterial activity.
1.Calcium Propionate can be used as food and feed preservatives, bread and cakes for the preservation agent. Calcium Propionate easily mixed with flour, fresh as a preservative while providing essential calcium, Calcium Propionate play the role of fortified foods.
2.Propionate can cause bread to mold and produce sticky silk material aerobic Bacillus inhibit no inhibitory effect on yeast.
3.Calcium Propionate in starch, protein and fat substances on fungi, aerobic spore-producing bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, aflatoxin and other effective, Calcium Propionate has a unique anti-mildew, anti-corrosion properties.
4.Calcium Propionate food, brewing, feed, aspects of traditional Chinese medicines, a new, safe, efficient, broad-spectrum food and feed preservatives.
5.Calcium Propionate as a feed additive to be effective in inhibiting feed moldy feed to extend the shelf life, if cooperation with other inorganic salts can also improve the animals appetite, E282-increase milk production in cows. Calcium Propionate-volatile small, high temperature, animal adaptation and suitable for a variety of feed use.
6.In addition, Calcium Propionate also be used as toothpaste, cosmetics additives, Calcium Propionate can play a good antiseptic.





white crystal granule or powder


99.0--100.5 %

Water insoluble matter

0.20 max

PH (10% water solution)

7-9 (HG2922-1999), 7.5-10.5(FCCVI),6-9(EC)

Loss on heating

5.0% max

Free acid

0.30% max

Free alkalinity

0.15% max


0.0003% max

Heavy metals Pb

0.001% max


0.001% max


0.4% max


2ppm max


1ppm max


50ppm max


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