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Sodium Cyclamate

Sodium Cyclamate

Golden Fortune Industry is one of leading professional Sodium Cyclamate supplier and manufacturer.we has already supply and export about 10 years. please be assured to buy Sodium Cyclamate at Golden Fortune. Any inquiry please feel free to send emails to us via we will reply you within 1 working day.

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Product Details

Sodium Cyclamate 98.5% content;cas no:135-05-9; MOQ is 2-3mt

Product introduction:White Crystalline powder .it covered in Eu and American market.

Packaging Inner: 25kg bag or carton

Application:to be used in nutrition supplement in Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic


1. Sodium Cyclamate is a non-nutritive sweetener synthesis, which is 30 times the sweetness of sucrose, while only a third of the price of sugar, but it is not the amount of saccharin as a little more when there is a bitter taste, so as an international common food additive can be used for soft drinks, fruit juices, ice cream, cakes and preserves food, etc..

2. Sodium Cyclamate can be used for household seasoning, cooking, pickle products, etc.

3. Sodium Cyclamate can be used in cosmetics sweet, syrup, sugar-coated, sweet ingots, toothpaste, mouthwash, lipstick and so on.

4. Sodium Cyclamate can be used for patients with diabetes, who used it in place of sugar in obese


Assay (on dry basis)98.5~101.0%99.55%
Loss on drying<1.0%0.18%
Aniline<1 PPM<1 PPM
  Heavy Metal (as pb)<10 PPM<10 PPM
Arsenic As<3 PPM0.57PPM
Selenium<30 PPM0.45PPM
Cyclohexylamine<10 PPM<10 PPM
Dicyclohexylamine<1 PPM<1 PPM
Absorption bei 270nm<0.10.04
Sulfamic Acid<0.10%<0.10%
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