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Food Sweetener Sucralose Sweetener (CAS: 56038-13-2)

- May 11, 2018 -

Basic Info

Model NO.: sweetener

Sweetness: 600 Times Sweeter Than Sugar

Non Calories: Yes

Does Not Cause Tooth Decay: Yes

Extremely Stable: Yes

Suitable for People with Diabetes: Yes

No Effect on Carbohydrate Metabolism: Yes

Original: Made From Sugar

Sugar Free: Yes

Trademark: elite-indus

Specification: FCC. USP

HS Code: 2932190090

Product Description


Description of Sucralose: 
Sucralose is the only non-calorie sweetener made from sugar. Sucralose is white to off white, crystalline powder.
Sucralose is freely soluble in water, methanol, and alcohol. It is slightly soluble in ethyl acetate. It functions as a nonnutritive sweetener.
Our Sucralose has a clean, sweet taste that is approximately 600 times sweeter than sugar.
The safety profile of sucralose
Safety studies show that sucralose is a safe and essentially inert ingredient. Conclusions from the studies include the following:
*No known side effects

*Not toxic: No adverse effects seen in test animals, even in amounts equivalent in sweetness to 40+ pounds of sugar per day for life

*No effect on carbohydrate metabolism

*No effect on short- or longterm blood glucose control or on serum insulin levels: Sucralose is suitable for people with diabetes

*No calories or carbohydrates: Sucralose is not recognized by the body as a carbohydrate and is not metabolized or otherwise broken down for energy

 Properties of sucralose:
1. High Intensity Sweetener (HIS) made from sugar

2. Closest sweetness profile to sugar of any HIS

3. On average 600 times sweeter than sugar by weigh

4. Very soluble and easy to handle

5. Extremely stable

6. Non Calories or Carbohydrates

7. Does Not Cause Tooth Decay

8. No Effect on Short or Long-Term Blood Glucose Control

9. No Effect on Carbohydrate Metabolism

Specification of sucralose:

Item Specification
CharacteristicsWhite crystal powder
Assay(calculated with reference to the dried substance)98.0%min
Specific rotation+84.0°- +87.5°
Water Content2.0% max
Methanol0.1% max
Ignited residue0.7% max
Heavy metals(Pb)10ppm max
Lead1ppm max
Arsenic3ppm max
Hydrolysis productsPassed test
Related substancesPassed test

Sucralose appears in over 4,000 products, including:   
*Dairy Products (low-fat flavored milk, light yogurt, low-fat coffee creamer, etc.) 

*Cereals & cereal bars Desserts (light pudding, light ice cream, popsicles, etc.) 

*Snack Foods (light canned fruit, reduced calorie baked goods, candy, etc.) 

*Beverages (light juice, iced and hot tea, diet soda, coffee beverages, etc.) 

*Syrups and Condiments (light maple syrup, low-calorie jams, jellies, etc.) 

*Nutritional Products & Dietary Supplements 

Packing: 25kg/drum

1.Products: we make sure the products are popular and hot selling in the market

2.R&D Service: we research and make your requested products.

3.Samples: available for your testing.

4.After-sales service: we keep you informed of the tracking information of shipment.

5.System: we offer the intergrated and pleased purchasing expereience to you for saving their time and cost.

6.Promotion: we reward customers with different promotional activities.


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