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Gellan Gum Powder/Gellen Gum

- May 04, 2018 -

1. Gellan gum can increase the hardness of surface noodles, elasticity, viscosity, but also improve the taste,

inhibit hot water swelling, reduce cross-section and reduce the role of muddy juice,
2. Add to the production of biscuits in the dough, you can also play the level of improved biscuits, so that biscuits have a good role in the degree of loose;
3. Gellan gum as a stabilizer applied to ice cream can improve the retention;
4. For cake, cheese cake, with moisturizing, preservation and preservation effect;
5. For candy, can give the product to provide superior structure and texture, and shorten the formation of starch candy colloidal time;
6. Used to replace pectin to prepare jam and jelly, can also be used in pastry and fruit pie stuffing;
7. In the processing of meat and vegetable products, the addition of gellan gum will make it a refreshing taste, to make up for the lack of good taste of the product.
8. Gellan gum can be used with other hydrosols for gel pet food;

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