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Mannitol Application

- May 14, 2018 -

Mannitol Applications      

1. Sweetener in sugar free chewing gum
2, Chlcolate coat of ice cream and sugar
3, Beverage,sytup and other food
4,Toothpaste industry instead of glycerol
5,Synthesize mannitol rigid poly urethane foam
6,Synthesize mannitol oleate
7,Electronic solution for electrolytic capacitor
8,Microorganisms culturing medium

1. Intestinal protection. Unique mannose receptor binding sites, preferentially with the human intestinal cell surface mannose receptor binding to prevent the pathogenic microorganisms on the adhesion of animal intestinal mucosal epithelium to achieve the elimination of pathogenic bacteria.
2. Regulate microecological balance. Mannose is not digested and absorbed by the human gastrointestinal tract, directly into the large intestine, giving bifidobacteria and other beneficial bacteria in the intestine with high selectivity to provide a culture matrix, rapidly stimulating the multiplication of beneficial bacteria, improving the viability of beneficial bacteria, improving the intestinal micro-ecological environment, Comprehensively improve various physiological functions.
3. To prevent constipation. Bifidobacterium fermentation oligosaccharides production of large amounts of short-chain fatty acids can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, improve intestinal function, increase fecal humidity and maintain a certain degree of osmotic pressure, thereby preventing the occurrence of constipation.
4. To prevent obesity. Oligosaccharides is difficult to digestive enzymes in the decomposition, it is difficult to digestion and absorption by the body. After human intake, will not cause obesity. At the same time because it is similar to a water-soluble fiber, can play a role in lowering serum cholesterol and improving blood fat.
5. Improve immunity. Oligomeric mannose is immunogenic, stimulates the immune response and binds to the surface of toxins, viruses and fungal cells, enhancing cellular and humoral immune responses and preventing bacteria and disease.

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