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Sodium Erythorbate 6381-77-7

- May 10, 2018 -

Sodium Erythorbate

Model NO.: Food grade

Molecular Weight: Molecular Weight

Melting Point: Over 200 Degree

Stable in Air: Yes

pH: 5.5-8.0

Dissolves in Water: 16g/Ml

Hs: 293220

Specification: Fccv, ISO

Trademark: elite-indus

Origin: China

HS Code: 293220

Product Description

food preservative sodium Erythorbate 6381-77-7

CAS NO: 6381-77-7
Other Name: Sodium D-isoascorbate, Erythorbic acid, d-sodium erythorbate
EINECS: 228-973-9
Molecular Formula: C6H7NaO6
Molecular weight: 198.1059

Sodium Erythorbate is White or slightly yellow white crystal granular or powder, odorless, has little salt odor, the melting point is over 200, it is rather stable when exposed to the air in drying condition, but in the water solution, when there is air, metal, heat and light, the oxidation, when there is air, metal, heat and light, the oxidation will occur. It easily dissolves in water, 16g/mlat normal temperature, hardly dissolves in ethanol, the PHvalue of 5% water solution is 5.5-8.0

Product is mainly used in food industry as food antioxidant, also used in steel industry, petrochemical industry, medication indusstry and cosmetic industry.

25kg/carton, 20mts on pallet/20'gp; 22 mts without pallet/20'gp

AppearanceWhite, odorless,crystalline powder
ASSAY %98.5-100.5
Specific Rotation+95.5°~ +98.0°
Heavy Metals (mg/kg)10max
Lead (mg/kg)5 max
Ph Value5.5~8.0
Loss on Drying %0.25 max
Oxalatepasses test

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