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Threonine Powder Cas No 72-19-5

- Apr 26, 2018 -

L-threonine is a kind of essential amino acids, threonine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical reagents, food fortifier, feed additive, etc.Feed additives increase the amount of fast, in particular, it is often added to the young pigs and poultry feed, is the second limiting amino acid of pig feed and poultry feed third limiting amino acids.Add L - threonine in compound feed, has the following features: (1) amino acid balance, can adjust the feed to promote livestock growth;(2) to improve meat quality;(3) can improve low amino acid digestibility of feed nutritional value;(4) which can reduce the cost of feed ingredients;So in the European Union (mainly Germany, Belgium, Denmark, etc.) and the americas, has been widely used in feed industry.

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