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Vitamin B6 Application

- Jun 29, 2018 -

Vitamin B6 (also called pyridoxine hydrochloride or hydrochloric acid duo xin) is associated with a variety of bodily functions, it also affects the mental and physical health.It is needed to produce hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, and the body of the auxiliary effect on the absorption of fat and protein.In addition, it sustains the sodium/potassium balance, and promote the formation of red blood cells.In addition, vitamin B6 can also prevent hardening of the arteries, and play an important role in cancer immunity.At the same time it also hinder the homocysteine, a known can affect myocardial and cholesterol in the formation of the accumulation of toxins.Vitamin B6 is also used to treatment with isoniazid (a drug for the treatment of tuberculosis) caused by overdose of neurological disorders and anemia.
Vitamin B6 in proteins, hormones and neurotransmitters play an important role.There is evidence that adequate intake of vitamin B6 helps prevent heart disease and reduce (pregnant) morning sickness feeling of nausea.Vitamin B6 can alleviate premenstrual syndrome (PMS), because it is a mild diuretic, thus can reduce the swelling.
Vitamin B6 antagonists deoxidization pyridoxine produce steatorrhea dermatitis, glossitis, lip weather-shack, peripheral neuropathy, and lymphocytes reduce disease.Vitamin B6 deficiency anemia can cause convulsions in infants and adults (usually red blood cells to normal, but occasional small red blood cells decrease).Vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms include depression, mental confusion, lip weather-shack, deficiency, acne, stomatitis and gingivitis, and allergies.Due to the vitamin B6 is water soluble, and cannot be stored in the body, so in food or other ways to enough supplement is very important.


(1) one of the indispensable component in the compound feed, can promote the growth of young animals;
(2) the food and beverage additives, strengthen nutrition;
(3) cosmetic additives, promotes hair growth, protect the skin;
(4) used for plant growth medium, help plants to grow;
(5) the industrial used to handle poly has lactam products surface to enhance its thermal stability.

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