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Xylitol Application

- May 14, 2018 -

Xylitol is a naturally-occurring 5-carbon polyol sweetener. It is found in fruits and vegetables, and is even produced by the human body itself. It can absorb heat when dissolved in water, with moisture absorbing function, and transient diarrhea can be induced when excessively taken. The product can also treat constipation.  

Xylitol Function

Xylitol is the sweetest of all the polyols. It is as sweet as sucrose, has no after-taste and is safe for diabetics. Xylitol has 40% less calories than sugar and, for this reason, a caloric value of 2.4 kcal/g is accepted for nutritional labelling in the EU and the USA. 
In crystalline applications, it provides a pleasant, natural cooling effect, greater than that of any other polyol.
It is the only sweetener to show both passive and active anti-caries effects. 
Application:foodscalorie free chewing gumconfectioneryoral hygiene products (mouthwash and toothpaste)pharmaceuticals cosmetics

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